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Adssys has been shaping the future since 2002

Ingenuity | Knowledge | Flexibility

About Us

Our Journey

Since 2002, Adssys has navigated the dynamic realm of information technology, led by Jacques Côté. As a visionary pioneer with a diverse background, Jacques explored various fields before immersing himself in the world of computing in 1994. Fueled by a passion for overcoming challenges, he founded Adssys with the aim of pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Jacques Côté 1970 Jacques Côté 2023

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology” Jacques Côté
President at Adssys Inc.

Tailored Innovations and Technologies

Adssys has solidified its reputation by successfully developing, testing, and supporting over 300 bespoke solutions.

AI Robot working with Human Vision

These achievements have empowered our clients to achieve significant cost savings and substantial gains in productivity.

Our diverse clientele spans Fortune 500 companies to dynamic startups across sectors such as health, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, banking, travel, manufacturing, and even professional sports teams.

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Dedication to Excellence

Our trajectory is marked by organic growth driven by our specialized expertise in developing and modernizing web and mobile applications. We relish challenges and intricate contracts, placing the establishment of stringent standards at the core of our approach, thereby adding value to each project entrusted to us by our clients.

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Core Values

At Adssys, diversity, contributing to society, sustainability, and ethics are fundamental tenets of our practice. More than half of our clients are non-profit organizations, underscoring our commitment to the community and our deeply ingrained values.

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Customer Engagement and Agility

Acknowledged for our accessibility and for our relaxed yet professional approach, we provide exceptionally prompt and human-centric support. At Adssys, every interaction occurs with a person, not a robot. Our team is adapted to suit the mandates, featuring a strong contingent of subject matter experts precisely deployed where and when our clients need them. Fluidity guides our approach.

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We don't settle for the status quo

Our vision is squarely focused on the future. Investing time to thoroughly comprehend our clients' business domains, we are perpetually seeking opportunities to furnish our partners with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Value

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Giving Back to Society

We affirm our commitment to society by investing time and financial resources in community projects. Our active participation in hackathons and collaborative initiatives strengthens our dedication to giving back to the community around us.

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At Adssys, we view diversity as a strength, whether within our team or in the markets and communities we serve. Our experience in diversity management reflects our commitment to an inclusive and equitable environment.

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Our commitment to ethics is unwavering. Through our professional code of conduct and associated policies, we ensure that we conduct our operations with unparalleled ethics. This approach extends to our relationships with both clients and employees.

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Adssys is steadfastly committed to sustainable development. We actively contribute to environmental protection, collective and social responsibility, and the promotion of economic progress. Our sustainable vision guides each of our initiatives, demonstrating our responsibility to present and future generations.


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Responsive Mobile and Web Applications

We design and deliver sophisticated web and mobile applications, ensuring an exceptional user experience. Our unwavering commitment to security guarantees resilient applications. Responsive design ensures optimal content presentation across all devices.

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Application Modernization

If you have a desktop, web, or mobile application that requires modernization without a complete rebuild, our team of experts will guide you through an upgrade minimizing the impact on your business. We adhere to strict standards to a ddress and anticipate issues, improving your application while preserving its stability.

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IT Applications and Cloud Integration

Seamlessly integrate your applications into the cloud, whether it's Azure, AWS, or Google. Our expertise ensures a smooth transition to the cloud, enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of your operations.

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Every user matters. Our web and mobile applications comply with WCAG 2.1 (Level AAA) and ADA standards, ensuring complete accessibility. We are committed to creating sites tailored to the needs of blind and disabled individuals, guaranteeing an inclusive experience for everyone.

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Audit, Data Collection, and RSO (Responsible Service Organization)

The security of your data is our priority. We verify compliance with PIPEDA, PCI, and other standards, ensuring secure systems. Security audits for remote work, data collection, and due diligence are included in our comprehensive approach, ensuring the security and legality of information while allowing you to leverage the strategic value of your data.

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Open Data Services

We provide actionable data to position you favorably in the market, identify strategic opportunities, and outperform the competition. Our in-depth reputation research offers crucial insights into how your company is perceived. Use this knowledge to strengthen your market positioning.

Latest News

Dec 28, 2023

New Digital Marketing Agency in 2024

Adssys will be launching an new AI driven digital marketing company by Q2 2024 that will offer best in class services.

Dec 28 , 2023

Adssys launches new website

Adssys launches new website as part of digital offering revamping, watch us in 2024.

March 15, 2021

Adssys now offer Osint services

Adssys experts can find for you every crums of information you left on the web.

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