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Extraction and transformation We can retrieve data for you from any source type structured: CSV Files, Databases files such as access, SQL Databases - We support over 30 types , Twitter unstructured: Web pages, articles , poorly structured: PDF Files, Word Documents, Text Files ) data sources for further.

We can standardize you data, correct addresses, merge duplicate records from any sources. Read More
Databases Design We can help you design a custom database for your business or build it to specification for you. We have experience in database of all sizes from MS Access to Oracle amd MS SQL.

We design online, mobile and and desktop solution. Read More
Database Maintenance We will maintain your CRM or other database to insure data integrity

We support online, mobile and desktop databases from text files to SQL Databases. Read More
Reporting Solutions Your organization has generated and continues to generate an enormous amount of structured and unstructured data daily through your operations. Whether you want to produce basic or state-of-the-art reports, analytics and live dashboards, we are the ideal partner.

We are data rather than product driven; we will design data visualization tools that will wow your audience and provide highly targeted insights on business operations. Whether you need to provide your team with small reports on a mobile platform, on computer or display walls, we have a solution for you and since we are platform independent we will use your existing BI infrastructure and amaze you with cost-savings. Ask us how.
We have expertise with Cognos, Crystal Reports,Excel, PowerPivot and build custom solutions.
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Data Quality Assurance We provide data quality assurance services for Data project suach Business Intelligence, CRM and Inventory Solutions

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Data Analysis Please call us with you Data Analysis needs.

514-593-7793 Read More
Data Recovery Our team can help recover data in a variety of situations

Deleted files: Dont move call us now
Corrupted files or databases: Do not attempt to open the file or database
Outdated media and drives
Outdated or proprietary data formats: We can handle the most formats
Lost Passwords:
Damaged* Drives:

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Customer Targeting

Learn new advanced and exciting techniques to aquire and retain new clients in the information age. Targeting Strategy Come and meet one of our experts to elaborate your customer targeting strategy We also provide ready made industry specific kits, call us to find out more. Read More Advanced Search You already use social media and search engines, do you really know how powerful these tools really are? (data_standardization_rest_of_text) Read More Information Sources Google and Bing are great to access indexed information but did you know only 4% of the internet is iindexed. Learn how to find valuable data You will be surprised by what you may find Read More Targeting Tools We design customer targeting tools and also coach on existing platforms Call us to to find out more 514 593-7793 Read More Customer list optimization By optimizing your customer list you have greater results and know your information is always up to date. While optimizing you list new opportunity will arise as client need to be contacted for updates Read More Identifying opportunities Call us to discuss your industry specific needs. 514-593-7793 Read More Regulations Our team can inform you on private data handling and data validation

We can ensure your data is compliant with;
PIPEDA: Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act
NDNCL: National Do Not Call List
CASL: Canada's anti-spam legislation
PCI: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards HIPPA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

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iPhone/iPad Development The initiation of iPhone apps has lead to an unimpeachable influence and utility to mobile phones and all other handheld devices. Adssys employs an experienced and skilled team providing robust development of IOS applications and their testing and deployment for iPhone, iPad/iPad mini, and iPod devices.

Our proficient, in-house team has proven their capability and expertise in the development of cutting edge iPhone/iPad applications. Our applications are used today by a wide range of customers including everyone from enterprise users to basic end consumers. Our skilled team is capable of developing and providing consumer mobile applications to diversified business verticals. Our past work has a history of topping iTunes App Store in terms of download numbers and positive ratings. Our enterprise mobile applications are also popular and are being used and acknowledged by industry's leading corporations. We specialize in personifying incomparable functional capabilities through developing robust and innovative iPhone/iPad applications.

Not only do we implement specific features of Apple in the app including Pass Kit, Map Kit, Retina Display Optimization, Social Integration and In-App Purchasing, rather it is also capable of developing custom features that are integrated effectively with the third party systems so that specific client requirements are met successfully. Adssys offers services that cover almost every aspect of the iOS app development from conception of idea to its successful launch. These services include generation of idea, prototyping, designing of user interface, code development, testing of application through device/simulator, certification/submission at App Store and enhancement and maintenance support.

Adssys offers administration of logical, pre-defined approach and industry best practices that our developers consider as being business centric for iPhone and iPad mobile applications and are proven to satisfy the mounting demands of customers. Along with use of proven methodologies and best practices that enable us to work with a diverse client base, all our services are provided at very competitive prices, along with a 24/7 highest technical support service.
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Android Development Adssys offers expert and professional Android development services that deliver high-quality solutions to customers. Not only are we dedicated to adding value to our client's mobile operations, we also possess extreme potential to tackle the complex platform of the Android SDK, and through utilizing the numerous Android development options, our teams are set to explore unlimited possibilities for product development.

With proven expertise, our skilled technical team offers top-notch quality mobile application development using the Android platform. Adssys programmers are totally versed in the development of highly scalable and robust Android applications, along with porting to distinctive mobile platforms.

We have vast experience in working with a wide range of diverse customers and our expert teams use the latest technologies along with adopting proven methodologies and best practices. Since we believe in a robust and solid basic customer service, Adssys also offers 24 hour technical support, 7 days a week. We deploy a world-class standard communication system and offer the highest possible technical support - any time our customers need it.

Our development processes follow industry standards, ensuring that the entire project cycle is completed observing high performance execution. To top off all proven application development, we ensure that all services offered are not only effective mobile solutions, but our teams also focuses on making them cost-effective, by ensuring that all services provided offer the highest return on investment.
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Web/Graphic Design Adssys’s ultimate goal is to generate unique ideas and transform them into dynamic and grand sites. Every deliverable undertaken by our team is guaranteed to offer creative functionality and flair as we acknowledge that your company's website is actually your interface online - an opportunity to present to the world what your company offers and how.

At Adssys, we offer every service from conceptualization to delivery of various web design and graphic solutions Our highly skilled team also applies special focus on providing web design mock-ups, and designs a site that enhances brand identity along with providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) recommendations that allow a site to stand out among others. Our design team keeps all aspects of internet marketing in focus while generating new ideas to ensure that an interconnected system is introduced, which allows complete incorporation of all site's activities within its design.

Our professional teams consist of members that are experts in their area of service and follow strict development and design processes, incorporating structured methodologies. We offer services in all aspects of web/graphic design from business analysis to functionality and technical specifications, all the way through to designing and building, to deployment. Since we are here to stay and offer our clients all possible services in the web design area, we also offer ongoing support services.

We believe that nothing static can survive in today's internet world, and to persistently promote and develop website awareness, our web designers do not merely deliver and deploy, rather they are well equipped to define the marketing strategy and implement it. To ensure that a web design is effective, our team works along with the digital marketing team to ensure success. It is also a known fact that the success of any site is measured through the rate of visitors that convert to customers. Keeping this universal internet formula in mind, our team also suggests all related activities to be incorporated in the site including PPC, SEO, Social media and all other related tactics of internet marketing that contribute to boosting a site's traffic. Our team has a history of providing integrated and successful marketing campaigns. Another quality service we offer that distinguishes us is the comprehensive reporting of all activities allowing our customers to be informed at all times.
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Open Source Development Adssys possesses the knowledge and capability for the development of mission-critical web applications with respect to enterprise, enterprise mobility solutions and product engineering through use of open source technologies. Our complete services lifecycle includes consulting, to outsourced development of product, to application engineering, implementation of packaged products and trainings of open source.

The Adssys team is skilled in helping organizations enhance their management and use of open source software, along with maximizing the realized value received from it. Our experienced and skilled team possesses extensive experience in serving numerous different customers and handling almost every type of software tool environment. Our team's open source management service is top notch and industry renowned. Our realistic approach is specifically designed to fit the level and pace of change, as required by our clients. Adssys offers an all-inclusive array of open source services to address all client needs.

We offer all services that accelerate and add value to your open source system. Our exclusive services offers:

Open source code analysis and license - Adssys offers management of all essential information on software assets and their governance and compliance processes. We offer all audit services related to open source software to seek and identify the software and audit the code quality to reveal issues in code construction or code itself which in turn present themselves as quality issues.
Acceleration of open source development - Adssys advises on and offers software and services that are prepackaged and allow you to get going fast!
Flawless deployment of solutions - Adssys offers its clients customized offerings that enable them to apply our compliance and governance automation tools in the easiest possible way.
Training for enhancing open source value - Adssys also offers help in increasing and maximizing innovation and productivity of the open source by ensuring that your team understands how it can be done.
Full support of open source - Adssys offers 24/7/365 expert help and service for any customer need.
Risk Analysis - Adssys offers a thorough and instant analysis of the operational, legal and security risks that may be associated with your open source software.
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HTML5 Development Owing to its simple nature, HTML5 appeals to a larger audience base of users and web developers alike. Not only is HTML5 supported by every major browser, it also offers an enhanced surfing experience through client server advanced communication channels, interactive content, delivery of multimedia content, greater semantics and a lot more.

Adssys offers a comprehensive framework that is powered by CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript. Not only are these frameworks built based on offering solutions to different segments of the industry, thus ensuring the client's interactivity, functionality and object behavior, they are also seamlessly transferable to support consumption of wider content. Adssys offers services for structuring, presenting and enriching the content of the application, using the powerful features of HTML5, including user interface, drag and drop editing, CSS transforms, canvas graphics, multimedia contents, geolocation and a lot more!

Adssys also offers specialized services in the area of Flash to HTML5 conversion. Our developers not only acquire sufficient exposure to HTML5 services, they are also equipped with detailed and thorough knowledge of the services and are able to develop niche content for HTML5 mobile and apps websites, adhering to required standards.

Our experience in providing HTML5 services allows us to understand how interactive content should be delivered transversely on all devices including PCs, tablets and smart phones. Using our integrated portfolio of solutions and our downloaded media experience, we totally transform the content value chain for customers.

We coupled our strong expertise in technology with our understanding of domain hosting, offering HTML5 framework that adheres to standards of content, and support different interactive behaviors.

Our team adds value to its services through providing designs and wireframes that exemplify the optimum approach towards content delivery across contrasting devices and platforms. Adssys’s production driven and streamlined processes, which accolade all of our HTML5 services, enable cost and quality efficient objectives that are delivered at a much faster rate compared to the market offerings, through the promotion of optimizing ad reusability.
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